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Vital Sign Monitor

Streamline the acquisition and utilization of vital signs

Qubeo is part of the InQuaMED Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP), designed to improve care delivery. It provides a clear display of patient vitals and integrates an Early Warning Scoring System (EWSS) to identify at-risk patients quickly. With efficient workflows, easy vital sign acquisition, and continuous parameter monitoring, healthcare providers can spend more time with patients and maintain accurate records.


Helps improve patient safety and the way care is provided.

  • Minimizes the chances of errors caused by manual transcription and prevents mix-ups in data and charts. 
  • Provides spot check or continuous data updates to various systems, such as documentation systems, decision support applications, and clinical research databases.
  • The system provides a clear display of patient vitals and an integrated Early Warning Scoring System (EWSS) to quickly identify patients at risk of deterioration. 
  • Enables healthcare providers to quickly and securely access patient data at the bedside. 
  • Ensures that only authorized team members enter the correct data based on their assigned roles.

Detecting important physical changes and critical events at an early stage.

The InQuaMED Early Warning Scoring System (EWSS) is an optional application that works alongside InQuaMED Qubeo to analyze vital signs data. It is user-friendly, automated, and dependable. The EWSS detects subtle changes in a patient’s condition while the clinician is present, allowing for timely intervention. Each hospital can configure the EWSS to generate an aggregate score instantly, which helps guide clinicians in following appropriate actions outlined by the hospital’s protocol. This includes transmitting the score to alarm and alert systems that can trigger a rapid response or summon a medical emergency team. Moreover, the InQuaMED Early Warning Scoring System provides detailed trend information to contextualize patients’ scores in a clinical setting.

Qubeo Integrated Surveillance Workflow

Minimize transcription errors
Shorten charting time from hours to minutes
Present computed patient score and recommendations in near real-time.
Optimize workflow for efficient vitals capture, documentation, and early warning score calculation

Qubeo detects alarm conditions and communicates them to InQuaMED Surveillance. This system then sends alert notifications to the mobile devices of care providers.

Continuous monitoring and remote clinical surveillance work together to enhance patient safety by enabling care providers to proactively identify and address developing clinical conditions.

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